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Reconstruction of a free-standing sculpture

Following the project of reconstructing a pre-romanesque church one of my students (Pelayo Huerta Segovia) conducted a similar project with a free-standing sculpture, the one portraying Fernando Valdés-Salas, founder of the University of Oviedo.


Sketchfab version

Fernando Valdés-Salas free standing sculpture by daniel.gayo on Sketchfab


Should you use any of these materials please cite it as: Pelayo Huerta-Segovia, and Daniel Gayo-Avello "Reconstruction of a free standing sculpture using SfM" (2017). Available at:

Addendum 2019

Photographs were reprocessed with Meshroom. Result can be seen in Sketchfab.

Valdes Salas - Meshroom by daniel.gayo on Sketchfab

Addendum 2020

Photographs were reprocessed, again, with RealityCapture. Result can be seen in