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Reconstruction of a pre-romanesque fountain

Following the project of reconstructing a pre-romanesque church one of my students (Pelayo Huerta Segovia) conducted a similar project with a pre-romanesque fountain in Oviedo: La Foncalada.

The pictures were taken in 2017 but the reconstruction with VisualSFM and CloudCompare was not very good; you can download the model here, it is a non-textured mesh with 1 million faces and an obvious flaw (a huge blob at the top).

In 2020 I processed the pictures with Meshroom and RealityCapture with outstanding results:

The RealityCapture model was small enough to be uploaded to and you can enjoy it below:

Also in 2020, Pelayo retopologized and rebaked the last model to create an optimized one, you can download that optimized model here.

Should you use any of these materials please cite it as: Pelayo Huerta-Segovia, and Daniel Gayo-Avello "Reconstruction of a pre-romanesque fountain" (2017). Available at: