Naive algorithms for keyphrase extraction and text summarization from a single document inspired by the protein biosynthesis process

Keywords are a simple way of describing a document, giving the reader some clues about its contents. However, sometimes they only categorize the text into a topic being more useful a summary. Keywords and abstracts are common in scientific and technical literature but most of the documents available (e.g., web pages) lack such help, so automatic keyword extraction and summarization tools are fundamental to fight against the “information overload” and improve the users’ experience. Therefore, this paper describes a new technique to obtain keyphrases and summaries from a single document. With this technique, inspired by the process of protein biosynthesis, a sort of “document DNA” can be extracted and translated into a “significance protein” which both produces a set of keyphrases and acts on the document highlighting the most relevant passages. These ideas have been implemented into a prototype, publicly available in the Web, which has obtained really promising results.