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Thursday, July 21, 2011, 01:00 PM
I'm just now (21st july, 2011) attending the ICWSM workshop "The Future of Social Web". At this moment a panel on walled gardens and open systems, i.e. discussing centralized and closed systems such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ vs open systems (probably based on standards).

There are lots of nice ideas but I think that when dealing with these issues we should think "bigger" instead on trying to "fix" what we have (although by thinking bigger for sure you are going to fix it). Hopefully, some kind of new Berners-Lee will appear somewhere with something new, fresh and brave.

In the meantime, I'll put together a number of tweets I published on september 2010. It's not a proposal, neither a position, just a dream but dreams are needed for thinking big:

  • I've had a dream where I did not tell my friends and family to sign up for the same online services I'm using.
  • I've had a dream where I did not chase information down, but information flew to me.
  • I've had a dream where my thoughts were not broken in tiny pieces, but neatly organized though not centralized.
  • I've had a dream where my information is MY information, not UGC subjected to TOS and EULAs.
  • I've had a dream where standards were made to fit people, not people to adhere to standards.
  • I've had a dream where there were only a box in which to write, no matter if I was searching or publishing. It simply KNEW.
  • I've had a dream where I was able to be truly anonymous when I wanted to, but truly recognizable if I chose so.
  • I've had a dream where social networks emerged from daily use, not from exchanging cards.
  • I've had a dream where privacy is a natural by-product, not a clumsy patch.
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